Travel Guide – The Best Tips to a Weekend in Gothenburg + Video

//Kaffe på Kalei – Coffee at Kalei//

//Tager en slapper i Palmhuset –  Taking a Break in the Palm House //

Stemning på Bar Amuse – The Atmosphere at Bar Amuse

Restauranten på Hotel Bellora – The Restaurant at Hotel Bellora

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I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since Mark and I went to Gothenburg! Time really flies when you are having fun…. Or just super busy at work! Anywho, I thought I would give you are little guide to the city! First of all, I have to say that I really was taken by surprise by how nice of a city Gothenburg is! It has everything a “Weekend Trip Friendly” city has to offer: It’s small enough to most of it, it’s cosy, it has good food, nightlife and shopping options – So I mean, what more can you ask for? Anywho, here’s a little break down of all my recommendations for what to do in Gothenburg!

Where to visit: If you walk up and down the main road “Avenyn” you will find all the main attractions, shops, clubs etc. Go to Haga Nygata which is a really cozy area with nice shops and coffee places! Another cool area is Magasingatan which we only walked through briefly but oh my! So many nice little boutiques and coffee places. The area around Magasingatan also features some of the coolest restaurants and bars, so it’s definitely a place I will recommend you to check out! Take the tram to the Gothenburg Archipelago and take the ferry to one of the many small islands. Even though the weather SUCKED when we went there, it was such an amazing experience taking the ferry to these tiny islands that had their own community and way of doing things.  If you are into art I will recommend Gothenburg Museum of art! We didn’t have time to go this time around but next time!   Oh, and if you visit in the summer you should definitely go to the amusement park, Liseberg! – Yes I am still a child inside haha!

Where to shop: As mentioned, the great thing about Gothenburg is that everything is within walking distance and if you just stick to Östra Hamngatan, Södra Larmgatan, Vallgatan and Kungsgatan and Magasinsgatan. You will come across the cool swedish brands like: Acne, Filippa K and Tiger of Sweden to the Scandinavian high street brands like: H&M, Lindex, Gina Tricot and Kappahl. If you are into mall go to Nordstan, which is a big shopping mall.

Where to eat: Dinner: If you are into italian I highly recommend you to go to Restaurant Bellora and try their Pizza with caviar as well as Truffle pasta. It is probably the best Italian food I’ve had in the nordics and I love the way they incorporate the swedish cuisine into it as well.  Bellora also serve breakfast and lunch. Next to Bellora is Brasserie LIPP which serves traditional french bistro dishes. Mark got one hell of a steak frites and I got some pretty bad ass parmasan fries. If you are in for an experience go to Puta Madre! – This place is as the name reveals inspired by mexican whore houses you see in western movies. However, I will recommend you to go for the experience because I have had better mexican food elsewhere. To sum up:  The food is descent, the 327 different tequilas are good and so is the decor with hitten doors, dim light and red velvet walls. A place I regret we didn’t go to is Magnus & Magnus which give a modern perspective to the swedish cuisine. It’s a bit high end but according to my sources, it’s worth every penny. For Coffee and delicious lunch go to Kalei. It’s a arty local coffee joint where all the cool people seems to hang out and best of all, their coffee is beyond divine!

Where to go for Cocktails:  On our first night out we ended up spending the whole evening at Familjen, which doesn’t look like much but when you get one of their cocktails… Holy moly! It was an experience for all the senses. The cool thing here is that the cocktails are pared with a little dish/snack and the bartenders spend quite a lot of time explaining you what to eat first so you get the best taste! On our second evening we went to Atelier and Bar Amuse – both are located inside Hotel Pigalle and are top quality places with only the best liquor (Atelier is actually also a restaurant). Even the cocktail glasses were super expensive and unique. By the locals we were also recommended to visit Café Publik but we never got to it because the cocktails were so good where we were. Luxury problem, right?

Where to stay: Mark and I was invited to stay one night at Hotel Bellora and one night at Hotel Pigalle. Both are extremely cool hotels and in full honesty there are probably the most unique and well decorated hotels I have stayed in. Pigalle is slightly more expensive but also a bit more unique in it’s decor! I loved both hotels and would also recommend both for the perfect weekend trip. However, Hotel Bellora had the sweetest staff and they really did everything they could to try and give Mark and I the best trip to Gothenburg. So, if it is your first time in the city I would definitely recommend you to have at least one night there! If you are living on a tight budget you get an Airbnb for approx half of what you pay for a hotel.

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  1. februar 3, 2017 / 9:20 am

    Rigtig fin guide! Jeg skal selv til Gøteborg engang i foråret, så guiden bliver gemt til når den tid kommer (:Camilla | http://cammi.dk

    • februar 9, 2017 / 1:29 pm

      Det lyder super, Camilla! Glæd dig – det er sådan en dejlig by. Du MÅ tage på Familjen og Belloras Italienske restaurant 😀

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