Weekend Getaway – A night in the cutest hotel in Gothenburg

 Breakfast at Hotel Bellora
Breakfast at Hotel Bellora

Gothenburg is only a 3,5 hour drive away from Copenhagen and is therefore perfect for a weekend getaway with your loved one! Or girlfriends because the city literally has everything you need when it comes to shopping!

I’ve been looking forward to go to Gothenburg in ages! Mainly because I was invited here to test out the best hotels Gothenburg has to offer (I mean, who doesn’t like that?) but also because Mark and I have been super busy every weekend since before Christmas. So, we just needed some couple time alone.

Our first night in Gothenburg we stayed at Hotel Bellora, which is an Italian themed 4 star hotel and restaurant in the middle of the city. The location is therefore perfect for one or two days in this amazing city. When you enter the reception it was easy to see that this hotel is pretty different from most other hotels. Every where you look there are details inspired from Italy’s 50’s and 60’s decor style as combined with… Alice in Wonderland? – It’s really cool and you really felt that every detail was thought through. Just to give you an example: When we came down to eat breakfast this morning a huge bowl containing everything from pain killers to heel bandage and soda was put in the reception. Only to help people with hangovers from last night… How cool is that?

Speaking of the breakfast and food in general we started our night in Gothenburg being quite tired so we decided to have dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. The restaurant was super busy but we had the sweetest waiter who helped us pick out the best dishes from the manu card and pared it with an excellent white wine. I wanted to take photos of the food but the light was too dim which is great for cozyness but not for taking photos. We shared a caviar pizza which, as weird as it sounds, tasted really good! Furthermore, we had tartare and truffel pasta which according to Mark was the best pasta has had in Scandinavia. Who would have known you have to go to Gothenburg for great pasta? Afterwards we went for a single cocktail before we headed home to our comfy little room and even comfier bed.

In the morning we went down to get breakfast which turned out to be a a huge buffet with homemade delicacies. It was so so good and just thinking of it makes me hungry. Luckily we have one more night in Gothenburg and in an hour we are heading for dinner.

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