48 hours in Dubai – Here’s what you should see!

Dubai is a fascinating place. Probably not like any other place I’ve ever visited. Everything is new, shiny and luxurious. You are guaranteed to see something spectacular and never to run out of fun things to do. That’s just how the city is: One big playground! 

On our way to Bali we decided to stay 2 days in Dubai. It’s one of those place I’ve always been fascinated by but never really had the opportunity to go visit. However, I looking back at it, I wish I had known one thing: 2 days in Dubai simply aren’t enough to see everything the city has to offer! Why? – the city is huuuge! There’s traffic and a million other tourists that also want to experience the same things as you want to. In other words, you really need to be selective if you only have 2 days in Dubai. 

Depending on what you are into, there is something for you. In this guide I will tell you about the places I enjoyed the most as well as give you some tips to how you can get the most out of the attractions! 

Gold Souk
Souk’s are the marketplaces in Dubai, and in my opinion kinda of a “must see”. There are at least a handful and in my opinion some are better than other. I prefer the old and more locals ones which is why I will recommend the old gold souk. You’ll see shiny gold jewellery everywhere you look, spices, clothing and “stuff” you didn’t know you needed before you saw it there. 

Address: 54 Al Khor St – Dubai

Burj al Khalifa
The tallest building in the world is a “no brainer” – of course you should visit this! However, there are 2 ways to visit the “Burj”. You can get the normal tickets that takes you to the 128th floor or you can get the VIP tickets that takes you to the 148th floor with appetizers and a little aperitif . We got the VIP tickets and needless to say it was worth. Not for the 20 extra floors (it honestly didn’t make a difference for me) nor the snacks. But you skip the queue both up and down! That was at least 2-3 hours of queueing we avoided and that’s important when you only have a short time in the beautiful city! 
Bonus tip: Try if you can up there before the sunset. It’s extra busy around that time but so extremely beautiful to see the city go from day to night. 

Address: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Dubai
Order your tickets here: https://tickets.atthetop.ae/atthetop/ (the official page!) 

Dubai Desert Safari
The Desert safari was one of the highlights of our trip! Our desert safari started with driving around the desert, then sand dune race, camel ride and BBQ dinner at a beduin village. There are a lot of desert safari companies with various quality and it is important to pick a company where you get “most fucks for your bugs”. We chose the company called Knight Tours, and it was without a doubt the right decision! Not only did we have a lot of time riding the sand dunes but we also had a driver picking us up and driving us back to the hotel. That REALLY means a lot after long day. We got the VIP tickets and for that we, among others, had a private champagne session in the sunset. How romantic is that? 

See knight tours website here: http://www.knighttourism.com/

Jumeirah beach
Jumenirah beach is a public beach right next to the famous 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab. So, not only do you get to cool off, you also have first row view to see the beautiful hotel up close. if you are efficient you can drop by the Madinat Souk really close by and go on a boat tour through the canals. 

Address: Jumeirah Beach Park – 136 – 12 C St – Jumeriah

Dubai Mall and/or Mall of the Emirates
No trip to Dubai without doing a bit of shopping! The Malls are where the locals and tourists meet on one mutual interest: Spending money! Needless to say there are plenty of malls to choose from but two really stands out: The Mall of Dubai and Mall of the Emirates. I loved walking around The Mall of Dubai and could easily have spend a whole day there. Not only is it massive, it’s also packed with additional attractions like underwater zoo, ice rink and what not. The Mall of the Emirates take it a bit further with the own ski slope and winter wonderland. My advice is because your time is narrow, to choose one of the malls. Otherwise you will end up spending too much time (and money;)). 

Address: Financial Centre Road، Downtown Dubai – Dubai
Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

That was it from my part! I hope this guide can help you to have a great time in Dubai! If you want to see what else Dubai has to offer, I suggest you to stop by Visit Dubai who has a collection of all the new and seasonal attractions.