3 Instagram Friendly Hotels in Bali That’s Worth Visiting

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I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind being back in Bali right now. Especially after I looked through all my holiday pictures from all the wonderful places we stayed at in Bali. For me 50% of a good holiday comes down to where I stay. Taking away the fact that I have made it my career to to pictures of beautiful places and things, there’s also just something about treating yourself with a bit of luxury now you are on holiday. right? 

Before we went to Bali, we had done a fair bit of research to make sure we got to stay in the best areas, at the most pictureristic hotels and with the most things to see around us. We didn’t go to Bali to party (if you on the other hand go to Bali for that reason, then Seminyak, Canguu and the Gili’s should be perfect) but to enjoy some of the best nature sights, eat good food and still be close to a city. We ended with: Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ceningan and Ubud. All of them are located quite close to each other, but have very different things to offer. Since this article mainly is a hotel recommendation, I will spare you the details of our hotel in Ubud (yes, it’s was beautiful but sometimes that simply isn’t everything). However, you should definitely still go to Ubud as it is the best city we stayed in in terms of good food and shopping 

So, in this post, I will guide you to the three hotels we stayed at that was super Instagram friendly and had a good location – important so you can take pictures of Instagram friendly places around you 😉 So, here we go!

The Sakala Resort / Nusa Dua

The Sakala Resort is located on northern part of the peninsula of Nua Dua. Nusa Dua is known for it’s luxurious resorts and by that it’s also an attractive place for honeymooners. For us, however, it was a perfect location hence the airport nearby (after 9 a hour flight you just want to get off the plane and into bed), the beautiful nature that Nusa Dua is known for, and of course the luxurious surroundings. 

We came across the Sakala Resort & Beach Club which, as the name suggest, is located right on the beach. it had everything we needed to relax and regain our strength after some hectic days in Dubai. Spacious rooms, a huge pool, delicious indonesian and western food and a spa which gave me by far the best massage I had during our stay in Bali (thanks, Ayu!). I also got to their yoga offers, my specially Sunrise Yoga on the beach – I tell you, I was in total Zen Mode for the rest of that day! 

On the Sakala the rooms a pretty spacious. We had a separated bedroom and living room as well as our own little kitchen. We had a huge breakfast buffet every morning and due to our laziness we also had a couple of days where we ordered roomservice, which was super tasty and affordable.

Places worth visiting near the Sakala Resort: Uluwatu Temple, Nusa Dua beach, Green Bowl Beach (in general all the hidden beaches in Nusa Dua that you have to discover when you drive around on your modped), Karma Beach Club.

See more about Sakala Resort HERE

The Samata / Sanur

The Samata was a unique and highly needed experience for both us. The Samata is a luxurious health retreat 10-15 minutes out of the city center of Sanur. We came from the busy roads of Bali and when we entered the gates to The Samata, it was so quiet and relaxing. Pure bliss, guys! coming from a big resort in Nusa Dua, to this 10 suit and villa retreat, we almost felt we had everything to our self, which made it super nice and intimate. 

 Each morning we could order breakfast, where we could choose between 20-30 healthy and gluten-free dishes along with coffee and all sorts of juices. it was up to us if we wanted to have it served at our suite, in the garden or in the restaurant. If you ever go, please try their gluten-free banana pancakes – so yummy!
We also had a dinner in the restaurant where the same principle of health was applied to that menu card. In general The Samata is a great option if you either want to kickstart a healthy lifestyle or if you want to continue it. The place has everything from the healthy food, to a well equipped gym. And followed by a super friendly staff that basically helped with everything from killing a spider to booking our snorkeling trips and driving us the city, we really loved our stay at The Samata.

Places worth visiting near The Samata: Sanur city center (the first city to put Bali on the map as a tourist destination), the Nusa Islands, The Blue Lagoon (an hour north on the moped), the night market and if you really want to go to Seminyak, it’s an hour away from Sanur – we did it one day and it was actually quite fun. 

See more about The Samata HERE

Le Pirate Beach Club / Ceningan

30 minutes by boat from Sanur city is the 3 Nusa Islands: Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida. And where many decides to go to the Gilie’s we thought that it would be fun to go a bit off the beaten path and go to the Nusa’s. More spefically we went to the smallest Island, Ceningan, at the extremely Instagram friendly “Le Pirate Beach Club”. 

Le Pirate Beach Club is a unique little place where you sleep in huts located right by the water. We ended up spending much more time at Le Pirate than what we expected simply because people were so friendly there. It was as if the small space, forced everyone to go out of their huts and talk to each other. I really can’t recommend this place enough – the vibe was so cool and laidback. 

You get to Ceningan via the main Island, Lembongan. From there you have to walk over a walking bridge to Ceningan where you, if agreed with Le Pirate Beach Club, get picked up by a driver who drive you the 5 minutes to Le Pirate. It sounds more complicated than it is, just remember to book your fairy tickets in advance which Le Pirate Beach Club can help you with.

Places worth visiting near Le Pirate Beach Club: Rent a Moped and drive around the 3 islands. On Ceningan you can visit Blue Lagoon, Sea Breeze beach club, Surfers Point. Get a boat to Nusa Penida where you can visit Crystal bay, Angels Billabong, Kelinking Beach, Atuh Beach. On Lembongan you can visit the Mangrove Forest and the hyped Sandy Bay beach club.

See more about Le Pirate Beach Club HERE

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