3 Beauty Products That Saved My Extremely Dry Facial Skin This Winter

 NOTION: I initially received these cremes as PR-gifts. I don't get any money to write this posts and it is beauty products I now buy on a regular basis. 

NOTION: I initially received these cremes as PR-gifts. I don’t get any money to write this posts and it is beauty products I now buy on a regular basis. 

I rarely write about beauty products even though I love beauty. For some reason I just don’t know what to write other than “It’s good like all the other damns eye shadows out there” – do you feel me? However, I love helping others and sharing tips, so it this is what this post is about. 

You see, most of my adult life, I have been suffering with dry skin in my face. Especially when the seasons are changing and the air becomes more dry. It has always been manageable up until 2 winter’s ago where my scalp also got extremely dry so it looked like a crazy case of dandruff. The skin in my face and my scalp just started peeling not matter how well I cleansed my face, moisturised it and so on. It really was something that caused a low self-esteem! But as soon as the spring came an the air got more humid again, it disappeared.

It then started to get bad again last autumn and I just knew that I had to find a solution otherwise my self-esteem would go to shit again. I have therefore spend the autumn/winter testing a lot of facial cremes. Really expensive ones as well as budget ones that all promised the same thing: to help on dry-to extremely dry skin. None of them worked properly…. On my skin at least. It maybe worked for 12 hours or so but then I woke up again with the same dry skin. However, Around 3 months ago I finally found a combination of beauty products that have managed to keep my dry skin on a minimum. If I skip a day the outbreaks slowly starts again but going from looking like a lizzard in my face to a bare minimum of dry skin means that something works right – at least in my book! 😉 

The Products I use (The Products Can only be found online in danish webshops unfortunately): 

Pudderdaaserne “Alt-I-Én Salve”
This is an ointment that is developed for all sorts of skin issues like dry lips, elboves etc. I know the founders and they are literally beauty product experts so one day I asked what they think I should do about my skin problem. One of the girls had a sample in her bag, said I should test and see if it worked. It literally made a huge change overnight but it was too “heavy” for my whole face. So I only use it on the worst areas around my ears, chin and hairline. You can buy  HERE (only domestic shipping)

Beauté Pacifique Vitamin A Anti Wrinkle Creme
This fellar is a moisturising vitamin bomb that I use on my face every morning and every evening. Just to give you some perspective: The lady who introduced me to this creme told me to only use it 2-3 times a week in the beginning and only at night because it could make my skin go from dry to greasy. My skin just soaked the creme like a sponge so I now use it twice a day with really good results though. The creme is patented and clinically tested to help preventing wrinkles, fine lines and sun damages and you only need to use a little each time so one bottle should last for a year! You can buy it HERE (Only domestic shipping)

Rudolph Care Facial Scrub Mask
I try not to irritate my skin to much but once or twice a week I use a facial scrub to peel of the dead skin. I’ve found that this Rudolph Care Scrub works well because it contains a lot of fine grains which makes it through but also because it contains a lot of oils and sheabutter which helps to moisturise my skin during the peeling. You can buy it HERE  

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