The 8 Most Instagram Friendly Places in Bali – And how to get them all to yourself!

Before I went to Bali I spend HOURS searching the great interweb for the most instagram worthy places in Bali! There are thousands of articles out there about this subject, but to my disappointment all the other tourists had read them as well. Or so it seemed, because it turned out that a lot of the places just was tourists traps with too many people for us to get a good shot. Yes I know, Bali is touristy and there are a few hidden gems left on the Island, but there are pretty damn rare! The Instagram Worthy places here in this article are touristy as well. I won’t lie about that but if you get up early and arrive before the big tourist busses, you can get som really good shots! 

1. Git Git Waterfall, Bedugul
Approximately 2 hours from Ubud you’ll find this pretty waterfall (there are actually two next to each other!) and if you come before 9 am like we did, you basically have the whole area to yourself! 

2. Le Pirate Beach Club, Ceningan
Le Pirate Beach Club is probably every Instagrammer´s paradise! It seem like everything has been placed there to look good on Instagram and even if you are not renting any of their huts you can still drop by for a beer and take advantage of the instagram friendly setting. 

3. Golf Resort Entrance, Bedugul
These gates might be the most instagrammed gates in all of Bali! I remember when I watched pictures of these gates before I went myself, I felt that there was so much mystery behind them. I wondered what holy place does these gates lead to? – The short and boring answer is, a Golf Club! You didn’t expect that didn’t you? A lot of people drop by to take photos but people usually respect each other and you can have the gates for yourself until you are done. 

4. Tenenungan waterfall Ubud
Super touristy waterfall just outside Ubud. Come super early in the morning or right before the sun sets as Mark and I did. The you (most of the time) are able to get some shots without any other people in it. 

5. Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida is an Island that because of the hassle of getting there, a lot of people usually avoid it. That means a lot of good untouched places for you to photograph! However, road signs aren’t really a thing on Nusa Penida so we only managed to find Crystal Bay. The places is as dreamy as it sounds and you pretty much have it to yourself. Yes, there are other people but no where near as any of the other beaches we visited. Therefore, come when you want to! 

6. Green Bowl Beach, Nusa Dua
This place can get quite busy during the day. But you know you have come to the right place when there are more locals than tourists! That was the case with Green Bowl Beach! We an hour before sunset and had most of it to ourself! I Think it was my favourite beach, if you take away the fact that you have to get down and up a lot of steep steps! 

7. Bali Ghost Hotel, Bedugul
This was truly a hidden gem that we came upon by accident! In the side of a mountain is an abandoned resort known as the Bali Ghost Hotel. no one knows who build it or why it’s abandoned which, in a way, add to the scaryness of this place. However, experiencing this place was so interesting! You could see how luxurious this place once was by walking into the rooms, the, ball hall and the huge terraces overlooking the valley. Now, it’s just a place for adventurous spirits like us to tell ghost stories about. Taking cool photos there is quite easy and since you pretty much is the only person there, just come by when you want to.

8. Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Ubud
The Tegalalang Rice Fields just outside of Ubud, is another place you literally have to visit crazy early or crazy late! Otherwise you will end up being in everyone else’s photo album and Vice Versa. So, come outside of rush hour and you will have one of the most beautiful places near ubud all to yourself! 

Do you have any places to add to this guide? Write a comment below and share it with the crowd! 

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