What I Love About Hiking in Bavaria, Germany

Ask everyone I know and they will tell you that I’ve never been much of a hiker! But for some strange reason I’ve fallen in love with hiking. Mark is the same and we actually talked about it recently where we asked ourself where this passion came from? We came to the conclusion that is was when we visited Iceland last year and by “accident” went on a crazy hike to the second tallest waterfall in Iceland. We had to go through a cave, walk on lodges over rivers and walk up a pretty steep mountain path – I tell you guys it was crazy! But the view… Oh man it was breathtakingly beautiful and we had this all to ourself! Ever since we have been hiking whenever we can. Not in Denmark because it is too flat, but the US, and now on a dedicated hiking trip in Germany. 

We talked about what makes Germany such a great places for hiking rookies like us and I thought I wanted to share these things with you. And even though you are a pro hiker don’t pass the change to visit Germany for good old hike! 

The nature is absolutely beautiful
When you go to Germany from Denmark, you see the same landscape for many miles. Flat, fields, buildings, motor way… that sort of stuff. But south of Germany is like going to a national park in the US or someting. There are so many mountains, wilderness and beautiful scenery wherever you look! Best of all is that there are still civilisation within reach so compared to the US where I sometimes felt that I got lost I would never be found, here I still feel “safe”. That’s important to me as a rookie hiker! 

The hiking trails are being looked after
There are many nature parks in Bavaria which is the area of south Germany, and I love that the hiking trails are being looked after. Again, compared to my previous hikes where even the touristy hikes sometimes are a bit worn, the hiking trails in Germany are really good! They are well maintained and there are signs so you don’t get lost. Of course you can go off the beaten track and go into the wilderness but as I said: It still feels somewhat safe compared to other places I’ve been to. 

There are no dangerous animals!
A big part of the safe feeling is down to the fact that there are no potentially deadly animals waiting to kill you at every corner ( there might be a bit of irony there ;)). Yes, there are 2 types of snakes that in extremely rare cases can be deadly, some spiders that aren’t maybe can cause you a rash and ticks. That’s it! No bears, jaguars, mountain lions or anything! Taking the dangerous animals out of the equation the animal life in Germany if extremely rich and beautiful! 

There’s always a “beirstube” near by
Okay, this is what I love about Germany! After a long ass hike you just want some carbs in you and this is where the bierstubes come in! A bierstube is kinda like a pub where you can can food and beer, but most of them has a cozy german living room feel to them! the food is carb heavy and so is the beer, but the atmosphere is lovely and so are the people. If you are on the country side most people doesn’t speak english (very well) and they surely don’t have an english menu card. you can either play it safe by ordering a wienerschnitzel or pick something with a funny pronunciation. Most of the time you will end with something “meaty” with potatoes – which is pretty much what the german cuisine is about 😉  

You can visit several countries on your hiking trip
So, the great thing about Bavaria (and most parts of Europe in general) is that you can visit several countries in a day just by driving! From Bavaria you can drive into Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. We drove in and out of Austria on our route and actually decided to go to Salzburg for a night. Just to check out Austria!

That’s all from me guys! I hope you enjoyed this post! I am in the middle of getting my external hard drive fixed with all my video content (hopefully it will work out!) so I can create a video for you!

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