6 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Madeira RIGHT NOW

Hi guys! 
A quick hello from beautiful Madeira! Mark and I flew in yesterday and we are spending a whole week here (I am so excited because it’s so lush and peaceful here!). Even though we got in yesterday I already have 6 really good reasons to why you need to visit Madeira RIGHT NOW! There will probably be more good reasons after a week here but I will make more blog posts – I promise! So, here we go… 

1. The Nature on Madeira is Beautiful
Literally amazingly beautiful! On the eastern part of the Island it almost looks like a tropical version of The Faroe Islands! And in other parts it more looks like a european version og Hawaii. The contrasts are huge but one thing is for sure: You will be left in Awe on every corner you take! 

2. Madeira is sooo up and coming!
So…. This is the main reason I will highlight to all the travel influencers out there! Madeira is not a place you see photos of all the time on Instagram, and it was actually fairly difficult to find any guides on Pinterest or Townske (my usual go-places for travel guides). Maybe because it has been known as place that only retired people go to? – BUT things are starting to change because Madeira literally has everything a travel lover could ask for! So, now you can still have the hidden gems to yourself, but in a year or so I’m pretty sure this place could be as hyped as Iceland or Sicily. 

3. Madeira is fairly cheap
In Funchal (the capital) you can get a dinner for 2 at a fancy restaurant for around 60€ and if you go to one of the neighbouring cities you can get fed for around 24€ (for 2)!!! We are talking big portions here guys and fresh ingredients… The accommodation is also affordable – prices start at around 20€ a night in peak season!

4. The climate is perfect
It never gets too hot nor too cold. That’s why tourists actually go here all year! Furthermore, the climate makes the island the perfect place for all sorts of agro culture and you can therefore get fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the back yard! 

5. The Locals Speak English
I have often travelled in countries (especially the Southern part of Europe) where you have a hard time communicating with the locals. But so far, we haven’t met a single person who doesn’t speak english which makes it easy and somewhat safe to travel around on your own.  

6. Madeira is Perfect for an active holiday
You can find all sorts of activities and hence the climate, you are not dying half way through the tennis match! There are plenty of scenic hikes (like the one with the view you see above!), water activities and much more! We a pretty fond of hiking so needless to I needed to mention this!

That’s all from me! I hope you enjoyed this little mini guide to why you need to visit Madeira, and I promise that more will come shortly. 

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