How I Completely Refreshed My Old Ikea Sofa With This Simple Solution!

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I guess what let you to this post is that you, like me, have an old Ikea sofa that you want to refresh? Or maybe you just want to get some living room inspiration…  In any case look no further!

Up until last week I painfully had to look at my old “not-so-white-anymore”- Kivik sofa from Ikea. Why I got a white sofa in the first place is a good question, but I must admit it wasn’t only the stains on my “not-so-white-anymore”-Kivik sofa the bothered me. It was just as much the feeling of having the same sofa as everyone else. Being in my late 20’s I kinda want to show my friends and family that I have moved beyond 100% Ikea furnitures but at the same time it’s a pretty damn comfy sofa and new sofas are expensive. So, when I was contacted by Bemz, that is a company specialised in making covers for Ikea furnitures, I knew it was the perfect solution to simply give my sofa a makeover with a new, chic cover!  

How does Bemz Work?

So, Bemz works like this: On Bemz’s website you’ll see a great selection of fabrics to choose from. There are many different colours, compositions and fabrics. There are even eco friendly fabrics i.e recycled cotton! You can order 5 free fabric samples and have them delivered to your door within a few days. It’s great way for you test if the colour and quality match your expectations before you spend x amount of dollars on new sofa covers! Once you have decided on your new sofa cover you go in and choose which sofa you want a sofa cover for. You can also get covers for chairs, chaiselongs and even pillows! Once you have placed your order it takes around 4 weeks before you have your cover.

How I Refreshed my Old Ikea Sofa with Bemz!

I have been pretty envious of my good friend Rose, and her pink velvet sofa for quite some time. However, I did know that Mark never would allow a 2 meter long pink sofa in our living room, but I knew he could be convinced about getting a cover in velvet! I wasn’t really sure about which colour I should go for so I went to my good old friend, Pinterest, for a bit of inspiration! I created this little mood board which helped me stay focused on which direction I wanted to take my living room in. I have always been a “black/white kinda gal”, but lately I’ve wanted some more colors in my apartment (without going all crazy in colors haha). 

 Photos: Pinterest

Photos: Pinterest

When I had pinned around 50 pictures I could see a pattern of which colours I liked, and thus I went into Bemz to order my fabric samples. I was very much into velvet fabric but to have something to choose from I ordered some extra samples. But even though I liked the recycled cotton and the pure linen,  my heart belonged to the velvet sofa cover. Especially after feeling how good the quality is! 

Before and After the Makeover

 Before - I had completely covered my sofa in blankets so no one could see the stains. 

Before – I had completely covered my sofa in blankets so no one could see the stains. 

As you can see on the before photo it was very black&white which never really have fitted well with my brown floor. So to make it all fit together I ordered some brown pillows. It looks more exclusive now and more mature in my opinion. Crazy how such a “simple” solution can change a living room so much – don’t you think so? 

Here are some more photos of my “new” sofa and chaiselong: 

 My living room in full size

My living room in full size

 I also got some sofa covers for my pillows! 

I also got some sofa covers for my pillows! 

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