Is Blogging Dead? – Here’s What I think!

Hi Guys! 
It’s been a while since I posted here last time and honestly, it’s been killing me! July has been a weird month. It’s been the first month in ages where Mark and I haven’t traveled. I thought that meant I would be able to relax and focus on this blog. But as you can see it has been dead silent here! The reasons are many and pretty legit but on the other hand… When you proclaim to be a full-time influencer you really shouldn’t neglect your blog.  Or should you? You see, this question actually leads me to one of the many reasons to why July has been a bit silent. 

I think the blog medium is DYING! 

I would have written changing but I honestly think that the blog as we know it, and how we have used it for the past 7-8 years (at least in Denmark) are dying. I think that the blog as a medium becomes more and more obsolete. With more social media channels like Instagram, Youtube and even Facebook that evolves into places where people easily can get their crave for good content satisfied, it get’s harder and harder for blogs to survive. First and foremost because you need to capture peoples attention for quite some time with written content. And all researchers say written content is less attractive compared to video. Actually, did you know that by 2020 predictions say that up to 90% of all content consumed on social media will be video? Not text, not photos but video!!

When I learned about this I was like “Fuuuuuck! I need to step up my Video-Game!”. This is why I created my Youtube Channel. That and I simply have grown quite fond of Youtube myself… 

My own social media habits have changed! 

When I look back on how my own habits have changed over the years, I almost don’t read any blogs more. Not on a daily basis at least… I’m not the true and dedicated follower as I once was. I enter a blog if I have found a recipe on Pinterest that I want to look into, or if someone in my Facebook feed shares a blog post with an interesting title. Most of the time it turns out to be pure click bait (which I don’t mind as long as my expectations are met!!). I NEVER enter a blog to check out the “Outfit of the Day” or to check out “A day in my life”… because I get that from Instagram or whatever social media I’m on. I think what I’m trying to say is that I want quality. And I want relevance when I enter a blog – and why wouldn’t you want the same?

That’s why I only post when I actually feel I have something important to share. I post when I feel I can deliver something of value. And that takes time. Like everything else in this crazy social media world. I don’t want to make a crazy long blog post about something that will be better to post on Instagram or Youtube. On the other hand, I also like writing and sometimes I’m just in the mood for a blog post that maybe aren’t as thought true as this one (which actually was going to be an outfit post and was like “hell no”). 

Globally and domestically a lot of the “old” bloggers have shut down their blogs to focus on their Instagram or at least they blog less than back in the days. I will never close down my website (there are simply too many memories) but my blog is not my main social channel to interact with you anymore – and I’m pretty sure you know that already but yeah it’s just nice to say it out loud. 

I want to make you guys happy! 

It makes total sense for me to focus on the channels that make you happy the most.  My kind reader who probably is one of the few that have spent more than 30 sec. on my blog to get to the end of this post. I am trying to make my Instagram the best travel & lifestyle platform in Denmark (yes I freakin’ said that out loud) and at the moment I am aiming to post more than once a day. I am trying to create 1-2 videos a week on Youtube with the type of content I otherwise would have put on the blog. I, therefore, recommend you to follow me on these platforms – that is, if you like what you see and get from me 😉 

I also really like to hear what you think about this subject? Do you have a blog and if so have your habits changed? Do you use blogs the same way as me? – Enlighten me about your blog habits!


Top & Shorts: Second Female
Sunglasses: Pilgrim
Necklaces: Hvisk, Pilgrim, Jane Konig, Pieces
Bag: Chanel




  1. juli 29, 2017 / 11:35 am

    Wow! I was actually expecting a NO!! As an answr of your title, but i guess it’s true…
    However, my blog is where i start and even if i’m not any close to a big blogger/influencer, it’s always nice to read the messages and publish content that, otherwise it would be not very easy to post on my IG. And also read others’ content (trips, recommendations, book reviews…) Although IG is my favorite platform to see good pictures 😉
    Anyways, i hope you’re kind of wrong (ops! Sorry!!) and blogging is still alive for some quite more years.




    • simone moeller
      august 4, 2017 / 3:47 pm

      Sorry to disappoint, Eli. I hope I’m wrong because I love blogging too – and as mentioned I also think it’s very much a niche thing 🙂 But we’ll see

  2. jara
    august 7, 2017 / 1:54 pm

    SO true! I have had THE hardest time writing anything lately. I feel like I am forcing content to just feel like I am doing something.

    Makes me feel better that I am not the only one!

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