What to Pack for the Faroe Islands – And Why bringing a Rain Coat is a must!

 Mark and I in matching rain coat from  Rains  via Stylepit
Mark and I in matching rain coat from Rains  via Stylepit

My “hiking wellies” from Ilse Jacobsen via Stylepit

Reklame/ad for Stylepit

So, one of the things I actually spend a lot of time on was to figure out what to pack for the Faroe Islands. And here post our Faroe Islands trip, I cannot highlight enough the importance of bringing a rain coat. Seriously guys, my rain coat from RAINS that Stylepit was so kind to sponsor was a life saver! Not only is is stylish (important for an old fashion blogger like me, it also is made in a super light weight material which is nice when you are hiking. And when the weather goes from raining cats and dogs to be sunny and clear. 

Yup, the Weather on the Faroe Islands changes all the time! Sunny, rainy, sunny and rainy, foggy…. We went through all seasons in just 5 days! Lastly, there are a lot of fjords and depending on where the wind is hitting it is either windy or wind still. So combining all these weather conditions, you really need to pack for all weathers! 

I think most people go to the Faroe Islands for the beautiful nature. Maybe some of the amazing sceneries, cliffs and light houses in the middle of nowhere. But what most people don’t know is that all of these places actually takes a fair bit of hiking to get to! I don’t think we went anywhere without spending at least an hour hiking to the summit. So, what I’m trying to say is: Leave your fancy heels and new sneakers at home kids!  Follow this packing guide and you should be ok. At least in the summer time – in winter I think you need a bit more than a light rain coat 😉 

My packing list for the Faroe Islands: 

– Rain Coat. If you like the one I’m wearing from RAINS you can find it Here!
– Hiking boots (I hiked in these Ilse Jacobsen wellies also from Stylepit Here). They are not perfect for the more demanding hikes but did the job me
– A lot of warm sweaters as the weather even in July can be quite chilly
– Sports bras and shirts – when hiking you want something that absorbs sweating and is comfortable
– Leggings! I learned the hard way when I one day hiked in jeans. It was the worst! 
– Cap/hat for when it’s sunny and/or gets cold
– Bag pack for carrying all your water/food
– Power bank to make sure your phone is fully charged and ready to take photos
– Comfy underwear

So, you can actually get most things shopping from Stylepit. Even though it’s a fashion web shop, the selection is huge and you can get clothing, shoes you name it for men, women, and children. There are great Scandinavian and international brands so in short you really get to shop until you drop if that’s what you want. 

That’s all from me guys! If you are on your way to the Faroe Islands I am so jealous! You sure are in for a travel treat. I hope you could use the post and thanks to Stylepit for sponsoring some of my travel gear to the Faroe Islands! 


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