3 Beauty Products That Saved My Extremely Dry Facial Skin This Winter

I rarely write about beauty products even though I love beauty. For some reason I just don’t know what to write other than “It’s good like all the other damns eye shadows out there” – do you feel me? However, I love helping others and sharing tips, so it this is what this post is about. You see, most of my adult life, I have been suffering with dry skin in my face. Especially when the seasons are changing and the air becomes more dry. It has always been manageable up until 2 winter’s ago where my scalp also got extremely dry so it looked like a crazy case of dandruff. The skin in my face and my scalp just started peeling not matter how well I cleansed my face, moisturised it and so on. It really was something that caused a low self-esteem! But as soon as the spring came an the air got more humid again, it disappeared.