Shopping Tip! Her skal du Shoppe Interiør i København

Hvis der er én ting alle mine rejser har lært mig, så er det at vi faktisk har en pisse lækker stil her i norden,…

How I Completely Refreshed My Old Ikea Sofa With This Simple Solution!

I guess what let you to this post is that you, like me, have an old Ikea sofa that you want to refresh? Or maybe you just want to get some living room inspiration…  In any case look no further!

Up until last week I painfully had to look at my old “not-so-white-anymore”- Kivik sofa from Ikea. Why I got a white sofa in the first place is a good question, but I must admit it wasn’t only the stains on my “not-so-white-anymore”-Kivik sofa the bothered me. It was just as much the feeling of having the same sofa as everyone else. Being in my late 20’s I kinda want to show my friends and family that I have moved beyond 100% Ikea furnitures but at the same time it’s a pretty damn comfy sofa and new sofas are expensive.