Colder days

It’s funny how the weather has an impact on my color palette – in every aspect! From wardrobe to Instagram feed haha! So I think you need to get used to more of these types of colors before the summer dresses and bikinis again will take over in a few weeks. On Saturday I was biking around Copenhagen in the search for a cool place to shoot this sweet wintery dress.

A Day in My Life – Partying with Dior, Jannid and all the other big influencers

Hi guys! Long time no see here on the blog! I have been crazy busy with “life” and actually writing a blog post about this “life” that has become a bit my guarded from my end lately. It’s one of those posts that has been nagging me and I haven’t been able to finish no matter how hard I have tried – It just doesn’t make sense for anyone else but me when I read it out loud haha! I do hope it will come out eventually tho… 

Zadaa – A New and Easy Way to Sell your Clothes Second Hand

Over the years I’ve become much more focused on “cleaning out my closet” – Not the Eminium-way but simply to sell all the “stuff” I’m not using anymore. Not only does it give me less stress not having to dig through endless of stacks of clothes to find that one top I want to wear, it also enables me to earn some money to buy new things that I actually like and wear.

What to Pack for the Faroe Islands – And Why bringing a Rain Coat is a must!

So, one of the things I actually spend a lot of time on was to figure out what to pack for the Faroe Islands. And here post our Faroe Islands trip, I cannot highlight enough the importance of bringing a rain coat. Seriously guys, my rain coat from RAINS that Stylepit was so kind to sponsor was a life saver! Not only is is stylish (important for an old fashion blogger like me, it also is made in a super light weight material which is nice when you are hiking. And when the weather goes from raining cats and dogs to be sunny and clear.