Here’s How My Week’s Gonna Look Like & A Pretty Jacket From a Brand you Maybe Know?

How’s your week going to be? – Mine’s pretty busy with Mark’s 30th. birthday on Tuesday, Distortion Wednesday and Thursday and on Saturday we are hosting his birthday with 30+ guests! For those of you who doesn’t know Distortion it’s basically the world’s biggest street party – It’s nuts and if you don’t believe me go to Youtube and watch some of the videos! 

Last year I gave Mark a bike. He had just moved to Denmark, and didn’t have a bike (as the only person in Copenhagen haha). Along came a long and personal letter where I told him about how much I liked him (we didn’t say I Love You to each other yet ;)), and I had made a map with all the places in Copenhagen I wanted to take him now he had a bike. Everything was very thought through, so you can imagine how hard it was to top that!