The 8 Most Instagram Friendly Places in Bali – And how to get them all to yourself!

Before I went to Bali I spend HOURS searching the great interweb for the most instagram worthy places in Bali! There are thousands of articles out there about this subject, but to my disappointment all the other tourists had read them as well. Or so it seemed, because it turned out that a lot of the places just was tourists traps with too many people for us to get a good shot. Yes I know, Bali is touristy and there are a few hidden gems left on the Island, but there are pretty damn rare! The Instagram Worthy places here in this article are touristy as well. I won’t lie about that but if you get up early and arrive before the big tourist busses, you can get som really good shots! 
Approximately 2 hours from Ubud you’ll find this pretty waterfall (there are actually two next to each other!) and if you come before 9 am like we did, you basically have the whole area to yourself! 

3 Instagram Friendly Hotels in Bali That’s Worth Visiting

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind being back in Bali right now. Especially after I looked through all my holiday pictures from all the wonderful places we stayed at in Bali. For me 50% of a good holiday comes down to where I stay. Taking away the fact that I have made it my career to to pictures of beautiful places and things, there’s also just something about treating yourself with a bit of luxury now you are on holiday. right? Before we went to Bali, we had done a fair bit of research to make sure we got to stay in the best areas, at the most pictureristic hotels and with the most things to see around us. We didn’t go to Bali to party (if you on the other hand go to Bali for that reason, then Seminyak, Canguu and the Gili’s should be perfect) but to enjoy some of the best nature sights, eat good food and still be close to a city.