Road trip in California – Part 4 // Los Angeles

So here we are! The fourth part of my “California Road Trip”-guide, which is going the be about the City of Angeles, Los Angeles. Most…

Road Trip in California – Part 5 // San Diego

In this part of my California Road Trip guide I will give you my best tips to San Diego (as good as it gets when…

Road Trip in California – Part 3 // Highway 1

Third part of my California guide will be about Highway one – a scenic route that connects San Francisco and LA. Some people skip this part when they do the Golden Circle in California and that is such a shame!

Road Trip in California part 2 // San Francisco

Second part of the California Road Trip guide is about San Francisco. The city that stole my heart from day one and therefore are a bit longer than some of my other posts in this series. San Francisco is one of the more liberal and colorful cities in the US.

Road trip in California part 1 // Planning

Det her blog post har jeg gået og grublet over i lidt tid, for det fortjener omtanke! Det slog mig nemlig da jeg planlagde min…