Faroe Islands Itinerary – A Guide to the Most Instagram Friendly Places!

So, I figured it was in its place to provide a little itinerary for the Faroe Islands. A: Because it’s pretty necessary hence the very sparse info about this beautiful place! And B: Because I like making these kinds of posts that answer some of the same questions I have myself before I go to a new place. 

What to Pack for the Faroe Islands – And Why bringing a Rain Coat is a must!

So, one of the things I actually spend a lot of time on was to figure out what to pack for the Faroe Islands. And here post our Faroe Islands trip, I cannot highlight enough the importance of bringing a rain coat. Seriously guys, my rain coat from RAINS that Stylepit was so kind to sponsor was a life saver! Not only is is stylish (important for an old fashion blogger like me, it also is made in a super light weight material which is nice when you are hiking. And when the weather goes from raining cats and dogs to be sunny and clear.