Travel Guide To Madeira – The Hidden Paradise Island of Europe

Welcome to my ultimate travel guide of Madeira – the hidden paradise Island in Europe! Very few places have left me in awe the way Madeira did and I think it deserves so much more coverage than it already has. I could write a novel only about how the nature changes around the Island: from tropical Hawaii-like landscapes to warm Faroe Island-like sceneries (and everything in between).  Another thing is the perfect climate which I will get a lot more into in the travel guide below. 

Interview: Girls Born To Travel – The Instagram Profile That Gives the Biggest Wanderlust!

So, I really been looking forward to sharing this post with you! As many of you, I get most of my travel inspiration through Instagram. I follow other influencers like Doyoutravel and OhhCouture who takes amazing travel shots! But where I get most of my inspiration from, also in terms of how to “style” my photos, is from regramming sites likes @GirlsBornToTravel. GBTT was actually the first profile in that niche I started to follow, as it kept posting photos of different influencers like in dreamy scenarios and in beautiful locations around the world! It was THE site I had been looking for for such a long time! Perfect in any way…

6 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Madeira RIGHT NOW

Hi guys! 
A quick hello from beautiful Madeira! Mark and I flew in yesterday and we are spending a whole week here (I am so excited because it’s so lush and peaceful here!). Even though we got in yesterday I already have 6 really good reasons to why you need to visit Madeira RIGHT NOW! There will probably be more good reasons after a week here but I will make more blog posts – I promise! So, here we go… 

Video & My Biggest Highlights from Year’s Distortion

Last week was crazy as it was the week of the yearly Distortion here in Copenhagen. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Distortion it is probably one of the largest street party festivals in the World! With more than 150.000 people partying in the streets and several venues with artists and DJs playing it is a crazy party that you don’t see anywhere else in the world.The party lasts for 5 days and I went out 2 of those days. one of the days Mark & I brought all our camera equipment to capture some of the highlights from Distortion on Vesterbro which is one of the neighbourhoods you’ll find Distortion .