What to give a man that turns 30 and has everything? – I bought an Experience! Can you guess where?

As I was telling you yesterday, I had spend hours figuring out what to give Mark for his birthday! Last year I gave such a meaningful gift, the same for christmas, so it gets harder and harder to impress that man haha! Our relationship is very much about exploring, but on the other hand I don’t want to give holiday trips every time… It gets a bit easy, I think? 

Anywho, in the end I decided to go for a holiday anyways. Mark has been talking about wanting to go to the Faroe Islands for quite some time and I must admit that after I went to Iceland last year, I very much liked the idea of going somewhere “similar”. As we have some pretty big plans in the pipeline for this year, I had actually told him that we wouldn’t have time for such a trip, so he had absolutely NO IDEA!  

A Small Photo Guide to Alaçatı Turkey

Hi everyone! 
Sorry for the radio silence lately… For those of you who follow along on Instagram you know I have been down with the flu ever since I came back from Stockholm! Think the Lack of sleep just hit me right on my immune system. Anywho, I have been spending my time in bed partly cathcing up on House of Cards and partly Editing some of the hundreds of photos Mark and I took in Turkey. We really didn’t do nearly as much exploring as we usually do. Time with family was more important but we did manage to get a really good vibe from the village, Alaçatı, and the surrounding area.  So, withouth writing too much I will let the photo’s do the talking…

What I Love About Hiking in Bavaria, Germany

Ask everyone I know and they will tell you that I’ve never been much of a hiker! But for some strange reason I’ve fallen in love with hiking. Mark is the same and we actually talked about it recently where we asked ourself where this passion came from? We came to the conclusion that is was when we visited Iceland last year and by “accident” went on a crazy hike to the second tallest waterfall in Iceland. We had to go through a cave, walk on lodges over rivers and walk up a pretty steep mountain path – I tell you guys it was crazy! But the view… Oh man it was breathtakingly beautiful and we had this all to ourself! Ever since we have been hiking whenever we can. Not in Denmark because it is too flat, but the US, and now on a dedicated hiking trip in Germany. 

My 8 Favorite Travel Apps – How I find the best Instagram Spots & Never Run Out of Wifi

As you may know, I am a BIG sucker for travelling and tech. And when you combine that, you get a shit load of apps. However, some more useful than others! In this post I recommend all the apps I use on a regular basis when I travel. I shit you not guys… Some of them are life savers! And some are just really good to locate all the Instagram friendly spots. Sygic Travel
A Travel Guide Planner right in your pocket, doesn’t that sound awesome? You can choose for yourself how much help you want from the app. It can create pre-planned itineraries in more or less every country and city but you can also switch to the map view and see all the cool spots