Where to next, Simone?

So where to next, Simone? – A question I get quite a lot which is starting to become pretty funny as people that know me just assume that I soon will be off to new adventures. The funny thing is though, that when Mark and I landed in Copenhagen after our weekend trip to Yorkshire (his dad, step mum and brother lives there) we had no plans whatsoever. For the first time in 2017 we had no travel plans. When you travel as much as we do you start taking for granted the life you are living with constant adventures, flights etc. but the minute you are home for too long you get restless and probably super annoying to be around as all you can do is talk about “where to next”. I think the proper term in english, is having the “Travel bug”.

Aarhus through my iPhone – A short guide to the most Instagram friendly places

t’s been nearly a week since I got home from Aarhus , the second largest city Denmark. It was my first time in Aarhus and I honestly didn’t expect much of it, however, it really ended up taking me by surprise! Aarhus is kinda similar to Copenhagen – but smaller and without all the ‘less nice stuff’. It leaves you with a city of perfection with cute old building (there are some new ones as well), cool shops and cafes as some very beautiful people!

10 Questions People Always ask me About Traveling – Here’re my Answers!

Hi guys! I figured it would be cool to come with some general answers to the questions you and other people always ask me about traveling. If you have other questions feel free to leave a comment! What has been your best holiday this year? Bali is an obvious one. Mainly because this was the trip where we really got started on the whole traveling thing. But the place that surprised me the most has definitely been Madeira! 

My 3 Best Tips To Save Money on Luxury Hotels

Having a travel oriented Instagram profile generates a lot of questions where one of the main ones are: “How do you afford traveling that much?”, “Isn’t it expensive to go to such luxurious hotels?” – Some people immediately think “Oh that’s because she’s an influencer, she’s getting it for free”. But actually no! Most of my travels are paid out of own my pocket but having done it so much now I just know what to do to save money on traveling. Even on the more luxurious ones! In collaboration with Secret Escapes, I have therefore created this list of 3 my best tips to save money on luxury travels! 

Faroe Islands Itinerary – A Guide to the Most Instagram Friendly Places!

So, I figured it was in its place to provide a little itinerary for the Faroe Islands. A: Because it’s pretty necessary hence the very sparse info about this beautiful place! And B: Because I like making these kinds of posts that answer some of the same questions I have myself before I go to a new place. 

What to Pack for the Faroe Islands – And Why bringing a Rain Coat is a must!

So, one of the things I actually spend a lot of time on was to figure out what to pack for the Faroe Islands. And here post our Faroe Islands trip, I cannot highlight enough the importance of bringing a rain coat. Seriously guys, my rain coat from RAINS that Stylepit was so kind to sponsor was a life saver! Not only is is stylish (important for an old fashion blogger like me, it also is made in a super light weight material which is nice when you are hiking. And when the weather goes from raining cats and dogs to be sunny and clear. 

43 Hours of Passion in Minorca – And 3 of my Favorite Cocktail Recipes with Licor43

we were lucky enough to be there during the famous Sant Joan Festival which is a yearly event that everyone in Spain is dying to go to! The festival lasts for a week and is all about drinking and partying while you watch the big horse parade. Even though we only were participating one of the days and it was so unique to experience a festival where the old traditions were mixed modern days traditions. But since we were traveling with a licor company we sure as heck wasn’t lacking on the alcohol part haha! Because it was so hot we mostly drank the signature cocktail Ginger 43 which I will give you the recipe to further down.