Gasoline Grill – The Best Burger in Copenhagen?

If you haven’t been to Gasoline Grill before it’s a burger bar located in the inner city in an old gas station. I would categorize it as a takeaway place as there are no seats indoor and only a handful of seats outside on the old parking lot of the gas station. In other words, it’s not really a place you got to for the cozy atmosphere or the first romantic date. 

Tyrkisk Spinat & Feta Börek – En Opskrift du MÅ prøve!

Turkish Börek with spinach and feta is a must try if you want to experiment with food from the turkish cuisine! Not only is it easier to make than one would think, it’s also a tasty snack that can be eaten all day long! Börek is made by layering several sheets of phyllo dough with a mixture of milk (or yogurt), eggs, and oil in between, and in the middle of those layers you place a filling of your choice (like this spinach and feta cheese). Börek can be found all over the middle east and balkan countries and each family has their own signature shape börek and filling.