The Basics – Age, name, height? 

My name is Simone Moelle (I have another danish surname that no one outside of Denmark knows how to pronounce so, let’s just stick to Moelle, hah!). I am 28 and up until know I have lived in Denmark my whole life. I am 178cm tall (5,8ft.) and I use a size small in clothes and a 39 in shoes. 

What’s you education? 

I took a bachelor in humanistic informatics and went to the IT-University of Copenhagen afterwards where I took master in E-business. My main focal point was Social Business and Analytics. 


Do you do sponsored collaborations?

yes, working full-time with my social platforms means that I collaborate with brands and companies. I only work with the ones that naturally can be incorporated into my feed and I always mark my posts with “Advertisement” right under the title of each post. 




How do you edit your photos?

I always use Lightroom to edit my photos and sometimes photoshop. 

Who takes your photos? 

Most of the time, my boyfriend, Mark, takes my photos. He’s a volunteer Instagram Hubby and has his own Instagram thing going on (@daysofmrgray) so we help each other out a lot of the time. 


How do you grow your social platforms?

I don’t think there’s any secret sauce other than trying to find your own style while have a close eye on your analytics. Looking there will give you a good understanding of which of your content that works and what doesn’t. 


Didn’t I cover what you were looking for? – feel free to write me a mail!