Beef Rendang Recipe- The Famous “Melt-in-Your-Mouth” Indonesian Beef Stew

I’ve been teasing about thise dish for some days on Instagram now and now I can finally reveal the final result along with a recipe to this super tasty Indonesian beef stew, Beef Rendang. This was my favourite dish when I visited Bali, but according to my sources it’s a well-known and loved dish all over Indonesia. You can make it with whatever meat you prefer, but the traditional dish is with beef and so is this recipe. Before we get started I need to warn you that it’s highly addictive, but a bit time consuming to make. So, try make it when you have enough time on your hands the first time around. Oh and if any of my indonesian readers read this recipe and thinks “Wtf” –  I apologize! This is as close as I get to the beef rendangs I had in Bali 😉 

3 Instagram Friendly Hotels in Bali That’s Worth Visiting

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind being back in Bali right now. Especially after I looked through all my holiday pictures from all the wonderful places we stayed at in Bali. For me 50% of a good holiday comes down to where I stay. Taking away the fact that I have made it my career to to pictures of beautiful places and things, there’s also just something about treating yourself with a bit of luxury now you are on holiday. right? Before we went to Bali, we had done a fair bit of research to make sure we got to stay in the best areas, at the most pictureristic hotels and with the most things to see around us. We didn’t go to Bali to party (if you on the other hand go to Bali for that reason, then Seminyak, Canguu and the Gili’s should be perfect) but to enjoy some of the best nature sights, eat good food and still be close to a city.

48 hours in Dubai – Here’s what you should see!

Dubai is a fascinating place. Probably not like any other place I’ve ever visited. Everything is new, shiny and luxurious. You are guaranteed to see something spectacular and never to run out of fun things to do. That’s just how the city is: One big playground! 

Dubai Photo Diary // 48 hours in one of the most luxurious cities in the world

At the top of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world! If you ever go to Dubai you have to go there. We spent a bit axtra on VIP tickets, which not only got us access to the 148th floor but also saved us so much time! Where most people had to que for hours, we literally went right up! 

Boscolo Hotel Budapest – If you want to feel like a fairytale princess, you should read this!

Mark and I have made a promise to each other that we will never stop exploring which is something we both enjoy doing! I got this trip for christmas and I was super excited to go. Both because it would be my first trip to a 5 star hotel but also because I hadn’t been to Budapest for around 10 years. So what better way to go back than by staying at the infamous Boscolo hotel? Boscolo is known for it’s decadent style and the New York Café which many times has been awarded for being the most beautiful café in the world – with good reason! 

Weekend Getaway – A night in the cutest hotel in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is only a 3,5 hour drive away from Copenhagen and is therefore perfect for a weekend getaway with your loved one! Or girlfriends because the city literally has everything you need when it comes to shopping!


Travel Guide – The Best Tips to a Weekend in Gothenburg + Video

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since Mark and I went to Gothenburg! Time really flies when you are having fun…. Or just super busy at work! Anywho, I thought I would give you are little guide to the city! First of all, I have to say that I really was taken by surprise