Is Blogging Dead? – Here’s What I think!

It’s been a while since I posted here last time and honestly, it’s been killing me! July has been a weird month. It’s been the first month in ages where Mark and I haven’t traveled. I thought that meant I would be able to relax and focus on this blog. But as you can see it has been dead silent here! The reasons are many and pretty legit but on the other hand… When you proclaim to be a full-time influencer you really shouldn’t neglect your blog.  Or should you? You see, this question actually leads me to one of the many reasons to why July has been a bit silent. 

What to Charge for an Influencer Collaboration? – This is the Tool All Influencers Need to Know of!

You have an Instagram profile and maybe a blog or a Youtube Channel where you share your content with your growing audience. Great! You are an Influencer, and it’s actually worth something. Maybe you even have been contacted by companies asking if you want to collaborate? Or maybe you are planning to approach the brand. And it’s here where the question most influencers ask themself comes in: What should I charge as an Influencer?

Hi Influencer! Here’s Why You ALWAYS should Charge Money When Working With Companies!

Happy Monday guys! I have been looking forward to posting this particular blog post for a long time now and maybe that’s why it has also been dragging out for a bit. Not only is it a bit controversial (at least in Denmark) but hopefully also an eye opener to you who maybe thinks less of yourself. You see, this blog post is not only for the biggest bloggers and Instagram stars. It is for everyone, even you with the small Instagram profile or that blog with only a couple of followers. You. Need. To. Charge. Money. For. The. Content. You. Are. Making!! 

6 Reasons Why I Sometimes Hate Instagram – Can you Relate?

So, It’s not because I hate Instagram in the “I want to delete the app”-kind of a way, but I think me and Instagram have some sort of a “Love Hate”-Relationship going on hah! For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram this is my profile. I am an Instagram addict and it is probably the media I spend most time on during a day. I have written down a list of all the things that, however, sometimes a annoys me. Even things I hate about Instagram… Maybe you can relate? 😉